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The Menegotti farm is situated in the enchanting context of the Moreniche di Custoza hills, the ideal place for the production of high-quality wines. More than half a century of experience that has been passed on for three generations, starting from Grandfather Antonio Menegotti who was already making wine in the 50’s.

In the 70’s, his sons Vittorino and Giorgio purchase the first vineyards owned by Count Mendini, which grandfather Antonio used to be a farmer of, and in 1972 the first production under the Menegotti brand, with its Custoza, Bardolino and Bardolino Chiaretto CDO (controlled designation of origin) lines, was started.

Over the years, perseverence and the passion for work lead the Company to diversifying its offer by adding various types of products, particularly the classic method sparkling wines, with regard to which the Menegotti Commercial Farm can be considered a point of reference within the province of Verona, for the quality of production, in which stands out the white spurting of Corvina on which we have been experiencing for over forty years.

Between the 90’s and the 00’s the third generation, represented by grandsons Antonio and Andrea, also joins the company.

The ancient wisdom of tradition is handed down to the current generation and Antonio and Andrea employ their fathers’ methods and diligence with constant perseverance and committment.

An endeavour that does not give in to the gratifying compromises of the market, the objective is of which is maintaining and yielding the highest quality expression of the territory with a favorable approach to innovation.
White, Red or Sparkling, all our wines have elegance as a common denominator, exquisiteness obtained by means of an equilibrium of all components of the wine, an equilibrium resulting in a highly pleasant, harmonious produce.



Thirty hectares of vineyards spread across the picturesque landscapes of the morainic hills south-east of Lake Garda a few kilometres away from Verona and Mantova, where nature merges into an enchanting locality: Custoza.
A meeting place for the rich rows of grape vines and the chromatic undulation of the land.

It is a corner of territory that abounds in suggestions, culture and an economy that was able to seize the human potentiality and the fertility of the land so as to create a point of reference and integration. These hills provide a soil known as ”Rich Texture”, the ideal habitat for grapevines to fully express their own characteristics.

In this place vineyards enjoy the protection of the Alps to the North and the influence of the mild waters of the lake, an ideal microclimate both in terms of humidity and exposure, predominantly to the South.
This is the best condition that we find on mountain Mamaor, on the highest and most sunlit area of which most of our vineyards are situated.

The grapevine growing systems are guyot and spurred cordon, with a vine stumps density from 5,500 to 6,500 units per hectare.
Up to this day the harvest is done scrupulously by hand, therefore allowing a better and more careful selection of the grapes.



On November 21, 2011 the Showroom – designed by Atelier Mendini in Milan, strongly desired by the Menegotti brothers – was inaugurated; this ambitious structure merges into the landscape, owing to wide glass walls and the predominant use of wood.
250 sqm of style and elegance hosting tastings, business meetings and dinners within a unique setting that brings together innovation, tradition and conviviality. A space dedicated to communication for a fresh and elegant brand.

The sales outlet is open from Monday to Saturday from 08.00 to 12.00 and from 14.30 to 18.30.
We will be glad to host you and offer you the possibility to taste our wines and visit our wine making and fining facility.
This service is provided both for individuals and for groups, the outlet is easily reachable and has its own private parking lot at your disposal.


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